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Open Joint Stock Company “Lida Milk Plant”is one of the leading enterprises in the Republic of Belarus which specializes in production of milk powders. 

2012 is the year of changes at the enterprise. Two branches entered the structure of the enterprise: 

 – “Oshmiany cheese-making plant;

 – Smorgon Milk Products

As a result there was created one of the biggest milk corporations in our country which united three specialized enterprises of milk industry. Due to joining of the branches OJSC "Lida Milk Plant" carried out re-branding of the trade mark. Today the corporation enters the market under united corporate brand MiLida

After uniting production capacities OJSC “Lida Milk Plant” is now able to take into processing up to 1100 tons of milk a day. New format of the enterprise allows to speak about output of various milk products, now assortment includes more than 150 items. These are dry milk products such as:

   - skimmed milk powder

   - whole milk powder 26 % of fat

   - cream powder 42 % of fat

   - dry milk product

   - dry milk product with non-milk fats

   - milk-whey concentrate

   - whey powder

And also:

   - sweet-creamy unsalted butter 72,5 % and 82,5 % of fat

   - cheese in assortment

   - cottage-cheese frozen skimmed, 5 % and 8 % of fat

   - wide assortment of dairy products

Open joint stock company develops in an active way and pays great attention to product quality, trade extending, united logistics, and new production technologies and optimization of dairy assortment for full satisfaction of consumer demand.

One of the priority objective of corporation is export encouraging and prestige enhancement at world market. Our company exports products to Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Serbia.



At present the company employs more than 1200 employees. The management pays great attention to support knowledge and competence of its staff, to establish safe and comfortable conditions of work, to ensure social security of employees, as evidenced by the volume of social benefits that covers all categories of staff and retirees of the organization.



Production cycle of the enterprise ensures functioning of four main workshops which are connected by one technological process: dairy and canning workshops, a workshop of whole milk substitutes and skimmed milk powder and a workshop of dry milk products. Also OJSC “Lida Milk Plant” includes a water station, a boiler-house, a refrigeratory-compressing workshop, a transport station and other workshops and sectors, as well as all the necessary means of transportation and engineering services that ensure regular operation of the enterprise. On the territory of OJSC “Lida Milk Plant” there is a dining room, a health center, a dormitory and a library - social base of the company is constantly evolving to create the most comfortable working environment for each team member.

There are two workshops In the structure of "Oshmiany Cheese-Making Plant" branch of OJSC "Lida Milk Plant": a workshop for production of cheese and a workshop for production of butter. Installed in 2006 modern line for production of cheese ensures automatic cycle of operation using computer management. Production capacity of the plant is 15 tons of cheese a day. Today Oshmiany cheese-making plant produces more than 40 kinds of cheese from 19 to 55 % of fat. 

"Smorgon Milk Products" branch of OJSC "Lida Milk Plant" specializes in production of skimmed milk powder. There functions a workshop of skimmed milk powder, a workshop for production of butter, a workshop for production of dairy products. Due to modernization at the branch there operate multifunctional processing centers with production capacity 25 tons in an hour. New equipment allowed to fasten processing of dairy products, improve its quality and reduce consumption of electric energy.


New possibilities

Modern market of milk industry constantly requires improving of quality of milk powders and increase of production capacities for processing raw materials. Due to this fact, according to a business-plan of investment project for technical re-equipment of the enterprise in 2009 new workshop of dry milk products together with warehouses was put into processing. Installed universal dryer allows to produce whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, cream powder and other dry milk products.

One of the strategic lines of corporation development is introduction of new technologies. The main principles of technical re-equipment are directed to installation of energy saving equipment which allows to produce high quality and competitive products.

At OJSC "Lida Milk Plant" modernization of refrigatory-compressor workshop takes place. "Oshmiany Cheese-Making Plant" realizes the project of modernization of cheese-making workshop with increasing of capacity up to 20 tons of cheese a shift. At "Smorgon Milk Products" modernization of milk condensing line.