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History of establishment and development of OJSC “Lida Milk Plant” began 60 years ago. It is not a significant period from historical point of view. Nevertheless, the way of progress was great, not easy but substantial. 

1949 year. According to the decision of Ministry USSR from the 19th of September construction of milk processing plant was begun in Lida.

1952 year. On the 30th of June 1952 construction of milk processing plant was finished. Initially only dry milk products were produced there. In average, the plant received approximately 4000 tons of raw milk and produced more than 300 tons of dry milk products a year.

1955 year. By expanding the resource area the plant started to work at its full capacity and production of dry milk products doubled.

1961 year. Team of the plant started to export production. The first countries which bought cream powder of Lida Milk Plant were Cuba, Italy, France and Egypt.

1962 year. The plant was renamed into Lida Milk-Processing Plant.

1961 – 1963 year. At this period the first reconstruction of the plant was made. The boiler-house was transferred to burning of liquid fuel, the building with fitting of refrigeration equipment was constructed, the warehouses were extended.

1976 year. Workshop of dairy products was put into processing and output of production increasedtill 18000 tons a year. The line for production of butter was installed with production capacity 15 tons per shift.


1987 year. Workshop for production of skimmed milk powder was built where besides SMP, substitutes of whole milk, condensed milk, curd deserts, creamy cheese, mayonnaise were produced.

1987 year. Assortment of dairy products.

1990 - 2000 year.It was a time of subsequent stages of reconstruction, modernization of drying equipment of Czech, German origin which was installed in 60-70s.

2006 year. Business-plan of the investment project of technical re-equipment of the company was worked out, and it has been successfully implemented over the last few years.

2008 – 2009 year. Construction of workshop of dry milk products together with warehouses began, which was put into processing in 2009. It allowed to increase the output of dry milk products on 3650 tons per year. The workshop is equipped with automatic control system of technological processes, production process is controlled remotely.


2011 year. Open joint stock company “Lida Milk Plant” was reorganized according to the decision of common meeting of shareholders. Two branches: “Smorgon Dairy Products” and “Oshmiany Cheese Factory” entered the structure of the enterprise.

Today. The enterprise is equipped with the latest technology and produces a wide range of dairy products and milk powders from raw milk. Currently the plant is able to accept into processing more than 600 tons of milk a day. This figure became possible only because of properly chosen strategy of the plant, which primarily involves technical upgrading and modernization of basic technological equipment and quality of products.